Company Reg No: 6881847, Registered Address: 71 Hibiscus Crescent, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 3WF Rock Software Solutions has been formed to offer the best in quality software development and fully managed services. Peter Leigh - Managing Director At Rock, we believe that software development is an evolutionary process.  Traditional approaches do not offer the ability to accept that change is an important part of the business relationship.  Using an Agile approach, we actively engage with our customers to design a solution that is right for them.  Whether it is designing a company website or providing that new “killer” application, we can deliver a quality product that will be best of breed in your industry. Keeping up to date in a fast moving environment is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s climate.  Companies are often looking to save in areas of R&D in order to improve the bottom line.  While this has a short term gain, this can often lead to the company falling off the technology wave.  Rock Software Solutions can get you back at the forefront of your business and ahead of your competitors.